How to potty train your child

Potty training doesn’t have to be stressful, there are a few simple ways to start this process and once you start you never have to look back! In this article there are a few tips and tricks to help potty training.

Start off with potty training sessions, break this down into time slots in the morning and evening. Let your child live their lives, but every fifteen minutes make sure you put them on the potty. At the end of the time slot, put the nappy back on. When you get home,do this all over again, so start getting the routine instilled in their mind.Eventually you will go for an entire daywithout nappies. If you do have to go somewhere make sure you have the right supplies with you in case of accidents.

Remember that you are helping them, another way you can assist them is by limiting bedtime drinks at least an hour before they go to sleep. Even if this means feeding them a little later to make sure that they are not hungry right before they go to sleep.

Start thinking of incentives for your child to learn to use the potty, little stickers or a block of chocolate are all good gifts. Crank it up a notch by taking your child to the shops or mall so they can pick out a prize for an achievement for example if they go the whole day without messing themselves or don’t wet the bed.

If your kid loves food then, perhaps like letting your child chose what they want for dinner or even letting them decorate their own ice-cream dessert.If your objective is to not spend money, then think of a game your child really likes and do that, alternatively you can make a reward roster and they can eventually get something they want (new toy or such)

Bear hats: One of the best animal hats for winter

Winters can be very harsh at times. More so if you are living in the parts of the world, where you witness inches of snowfall that might take a toll on you before you go haywire. Wearing all the protective clothes is all good and fun to have, at the same time, we are also humans, which mean that we find ourselves in a spot to keep ourselves completely organized and fashioned to represent ourselves as the best fitted personality in the crowd. Winter hats are one of the best options to stay in touch with the fashion sense.

Winter Hats: More than a protective accessory

While winters do call some immense measures of protecting yourself from harsh winds and snow, it is always better to have a style that keeps you protected and good looking at same time. Winter hats can do a lot more than simply providing you the protection. It offers you a chance to show yourself. Animal theme hats have been the new trend. Not only kids but adults also indulge themselves in the plethora of fashion world. Nowadays, adult hats come in lots of shape and size and different style to please you the way you want.


Animal Hats

While the concept of wearing an animal hat is nothing new, people have found ways to make them living and cute by wearing animal hats. Bear hats are one of the accessories that can make anyone as adorable as he/she can get. Bear hatscome in different styles and shape. Whether you want a woolen one or rather opt for the cotton, it is completely the user’s choice. It is the way to signify the love for the animal as well as the way to look attractive. Bear are beautiful creature and since no one can control them it is better to have something like them to relate with them. This latest trend is going berserk in the market and everyone wants the piece of that cloth on their head.

Started from the bottom and work your way up

The dictionary defines mobility as: “the ability to move between different levels in society or employment.” What this means to most people is that it is possible to move onto bigger and better things, in terms of living arrangements, job and job security and education for both you and your children.

Social mobility is the movement of people in different categories such as, families, households, within or between social levels in a society, a good example of this would be someone like Oprah, she was incredibly poor and in most minds would have had no future; she then went on a journey to change herself and how others perceive her and now she is one of the most wealthy and influential people in the world.


The most important feature of urban community is its social mobility, living in the environments people do there is nothing more motivating than knowing that the harder you work the more you are likely to get. Social Mobility could be considered the backbone of society and the economy, people strive for better by working harder and therefore improving the economy and improving how they perceive the country or job they live or work in respectively.

In urban areas the social status of an individual is determined not by who they are or where they come from, but rather by his intelligence and perseverance in the face of tough decisions or in terms of work decisions. By saying all of this we notice that urbanity and mobility are positively correlated, because they not only help boost how the people in a particular area feel, but they also help it also helps the economy grow. People need hope in order to survive, they need hope that they can change how they are seen and mobility gives them the opportunity to do so.